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Plague Wars By Jedi_MaSter_Ben set to d├ębut this week !

We will be releasing the first few figures of Jedi_Master_Bens's new figure line this week.  The first two figures are limited to 50 in number and #'s 1-5 will be in the store this week.  The figures will have the option to be purchased as unassembled kits, assembled, and even painted.  Check back as we get Ben to reveal more about his Plague Wars figure line!

New Forum Boards for The AngelForge!

Check out our new forum board!  Click on the Sanctum button or go here:

We our hosting our first forum contest there!

You can also find information on our FB page:


Major Site Updates!

Please pardon the dust as we make several site updates.  We hope to make the site easier to navigate, to find information, and get to know the artists hard at work.